c. p. bourg BB3002 EVA BBR

Ref. No 1942

Year of production: 2006

Condition: good


The Bourg Binder BB3002 EVA is designed to create state of the art perfect bound books while being user-friendly - thanks to the color touchscreen interface (GUI) . This unique perfect binder enables you to produce from the largest to the smallest range of book sizes ranging from small square books to large custom sizes (see media sheet sizes). This binder is ideal for on-demand customized applications, producing single books from 2 to 600 sheets (with 90 gsm), in record time. The Bourg BB3002 EVA adapts all features automatically to the thickness of each job. Therefore, no manual set-up is required. This reduces loss of productivity and allows a peak speed of 650 cycles per hour, the best of its category!

The BB3002 EVA is the ideal binder to produce high quality materials such as on-demand student handouts, medical prescription books (cover with innerflaps/winged books and tear-off sheets), and a wide variety of books for the quickest return on investment. A key advantage of the EVA hot melt gluing system is that books can be manipulated very quickly.


Technical parameters:

Side glue spreading:

yes, by wheels

Job insert:



600 kg


2410 x 2020 x 1500 mm (l x w x h)


Inspection of this machine is possible after previous agreement, this machine is connected ready for test and sale.

Binding size: Max. 320 x 385 mm, Min. 100 x 100 mm
BInding thickness: 60 - 1 mm
Cover size: Max. 395 x 710 mm, Min. 100 x 200 mm
Max. cover width/ Min. cover width 60 mm/ 2 sheets
Recommended cover grammar: 80 - 300 (g/m2)
Glue temperature: 140– 185 °C
  1. Max. output by format A4:

    600 bindings/hour

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