Jogger STA SB1

Ref. No 1705
Working width 800 x 1100 (*1300) mm
Height range setting 785 - 925 mm
Max. table height 165 mm
Dimensions 1310 x 1695 x 1065 mm (W x H x D)
Voltage and consumptions (3x380 V/230V/50 Hz) 1,4 kVA
Air consumption: 20ºC 1,2 dm3/cykl při tlaku 0,7 MPa
Air presure 0,8 MPa
Year of production 1998
Condition Good


Very reliable good quality construction jogging table from Czech manufacturer (STA Zlín) is suitable for production expansion cutters and cutting centers. It enables fast, high-quality and comfortable jogging stacks of paper before cutting. It is equipped with a device for discharging air from paper pile. Reliability and ease of service, immediate local availability of parts, easy repair without demanding service.

Jogger for right and/or left using
Table with delivery flaps opening
Possible heifht of table setting
Frame portal for discharging rest of the air from pile.

Automatic Jogger STA SB1ukázkový obrázek strojeukázkový obrázek strojeukázkový obrázek stroje

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